What’s In My Bag: Graduation Edition

Em / 13/07/2017

Today I’ll be telling you What’s In My Bag: Graduation Edition. My bag was so small so I only took the essentials. Firstly, here’s my bag: It’s from Forever 21 (I couldn’t find this one but click here for a similar one). I bought it to go to Lake Garda back…

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Em / 12/07/2017

As some of you may know, yesterday was my graduation so I’m going to tell you a bit about it. It wasn’t like anything I imagined, it really wasn’t an enjoyable day for me, I found it very stressful. There were so many people there that I didn’t even get…

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Bucket List

5 Things On My Bucket List

Em / 10/07/2017

In today’s post, I’ll be telling you 5 things on my bucket list. I’ve wanted to do this for a while so here goes! (This is in no particular order). 1. Go to America For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go to NYC and I still…

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How to Make a Candle

Em / 08/07/2017

In today’s post, I’ll be showing you how to make a candle. Before I get started, I should note I am not a professional candle maker, I just like making things! You will need: A Pyrex (glass) jug Wax (I used soy wax and a bit of an old candle)…

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Trip to Lake Garda

Em / 05/07/2017

In today’s post, I will be telling you what I got up to on my holiday to Lake Garda last month. I went with my mam, step-dad and my brother and we stayed in the town of Garda. Garda is pretty central to the places we visited and there are…

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Get To Know Me: 15 Facts About Me

Em / 03/07/2017

I wanted to write a post so that you could get to know me and I think the best way to do that is by writing 15 facts about me! (Notice I didn’t say interesting facts because I’m super boring). 1. My name is Emma and one of my middle…

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Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Reactions

Em / 28/06/2017

Last night, the Pretty Little Liars finale aired and Pretty Little Liars aired for the last time EVER 😭 BUT on a positive note, we know EVERYTHING (well not everything – HOW DID THE WINE MOMS ESCAPE?) (this will also be mentioned again later). In this post, I’ll be talking…

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Review, Strictly Come Dancing

Kevin and Karen Dance Tour

Em / 27/06/2017

Welcome to my first post! This one had to be dedicated to my favourite thing/people! On the 18th June 2017, I saw Kevin and Karen Dance, the first live tour of Kevin and Karen Clifton and it was AMAZING!