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Afternoon Tea at The Bush Inn Hereford

Afternoon Tea at The Bush Inn Hereford

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I’m currently on holiday in North Wales so I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been up to. But, today as I promised on my Instagram and Twitter, today I’ll be telling you all about my afternoon tea at the Bush Inn, Hereford. I went to The Bush Inn last week which was exciting for me because I’ve been wanting to go for about a year since I saw some pictures of it on Instagram and thought it looked incredible and… it was!

We had a long drive to Hereford from where I live, it was about 2 hours to get there and even longer to get home because we hit the traffic. It was a long way to go but so worth it! So, the afternoon tea wasn’t your traditional afternoon tea, it was called the Summer Picnic and the things included were:

  • A mini sausage in batter with curry sauce
  • Mini fish and chips
  • A mini cheeseburger
  • A mini victoria sponge
  • Mini pannacotta
  • Rocky Road
  • A shot of strawberry daiquiri
  • A scone with jam and cream
  • Cheesecake in a jar
  • A mini trifle in a jar
  • A small Fanta

Afternoon Tea at The Bush Inn Hereford

It was an incredible amount of food and great value for money, it cost only £16.95 for all of that but if you wanted drinks it would be a little bit more. Because there’s a lot of food, I wasn’t able to eat everything so I would recommend taking a Tupperware box so that you can bring your leftovers home with you. They do give you a little paper bag but they’re not very big and you would probably need a few of them so it’s just easier to take a box.

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I can’t recommend The Bush Inn enough, everything was delicious which is rare because usually with afternoon tea there’s something there I’m not a fan of. I will definitely be going back to The Bush Inn but next time I would go maybe for a weekend, stay in Hereford and drive out to The Bush Inn as it’s about 20 minutes from the city centre and that way you get to see Hereford too! I just want to say that this post isn’t sponsored, I just wanted to share with you my experience of afternoon tea at The Bush Inn.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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Afternoon Tea at The Bush Inn Hereford

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