My Favourite Beauty Products

Em / 04/10/2017

After asking on twitter if anyone wanted to do a collab, Liz from replied telling me that she was interested so after a while, we finally came up with our post title and as you can see, it’s a post about my favourite beauty products. I’ve been thinking about…

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Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly 2017: Week 2

Em / 02/10/2017

Week 2 was full of surprises, I feel like everyone either stepped it up massively or had a disaster, some even did both in one dance (poor Simon and Karen😔). After I’ve discussed and scored each dance, I’ll give my thoughts on who I think is in danger of going…

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36 Questions To Make People Fall In Love

Em / 01/10/2017

The first time I’d heard of the 36 Questions to make people fall in love was a couple of years ago on The Big Bang Theory and I’ve wanted to go through the questions and answer them and then I was reading through Social Spying and Steph had answered some of…

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