Review: Cabaret Starring Louise Redknapp and Will Young

Last night (19th October) I went to see Cabaret starring Louise Redknapp and Will Young at the New Theatre in Cardiff and I did something I don’t normally do, I went in blind, I knew almost nothing about the show, I hadn’t seen it before or I hadn’t seen the film, I knew it was about a club, I knew there was a woman called Sally Bowles and I knew 2 songs – Cabaret, and Maybe This Time (thanks, Glee!) and it really wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

Set in 1930/31 Berlin, around the time the Nazis were rising to power, Cabaret revolves around Sally Bowles, a British performer at the Kit Kat Club, and her relationship with American writer Clifford.

Will Young was wonderful in the role of Emcee (which he originally played in 2012), he was creepy and quirky and very funny – I also saw way more of him than I was expecting😂. There were a few heavy topics covered in the show and the role of Emcee keeps it light and fun.

Louise Redknapp was brilliant as Sally, I didn’t really know much about her before she was on Strictly last year (with Kevi my love) and I loved her on that but I had never heard her sing and she really surprised me. Her version of Maybe This Time was really great, it’s such a hard song (in my opinion, Lea Michele does the best version!). She was also a much better actress than I was expecting because Sally is such a complex character and Louise did a wonderful job!

My favourite number in the show was ‘Two Girls’ – it was so clever how they did it, I don’t even know how to explain it, I tried finding a video online or even a picture and I couldn’t find anything. Basically, Emcee is in bed with two girls and it’s a really funny performance with different things coming in and out of the bed including more people, a fish and a giraffe, it was bizarre but so clever!

The entire cast was wonderful (and very brave for the naked scene at the end (spoiler)) and although I didn’t 100% follow the story, I did enjoy it! The show will be touring until December so try and catch it if you can.

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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