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Course Review: How To Pitch Like A Pro

If you read my post on Wednesday about my essential blogger tools, you’ll know that today I’m going to be talking about an online course I recently did called How To Pitch Like a Pro (Even If You’re Not). Before I get started, I need to tell you that this post does include affiliate links (read my disclaimers here).

So, this course was created by Kalyn over on Girl Gone London and Kalyn contacted me or I saw a tweet or something (I can’t remember) but whatever happened, ended with Kalyn offering me a chance to take the course for free for feedback and/or to tell you guys about it and I agreed. I thought it would be useful for me because I’m going to be doing my first ever blogmas this year and I was thinking about maybe contacting some companies for sponsorship or something (I don’t even know yet😂) so anyway, on to talking about the course!

How To Pitch Like a Pro (Even If You’re Not) is designed to help bloggers that don’t have a ton of social media followers or blog views. It was a super useful course because although I’ve been blogging for a few months now, I still consider myself to be new at this and I’m learning all the time which I love. Originally, there would be a new lesson released every day but after a few of us mentioned to Kalyn that we would prefer to have access to the entire course, she changed it so that it’s all released at the same time. Because of this, I managed to do the course in a day and I rushed it a little because I wanted to get it done before I started my new job. I really enjoyed the course and I would consider doing another one on a different topic one day.

The course covers a range of topics and has about 7 lessons and they are delivered in the format of videos and in writing and there are also a few downloads along the way. I’m now going to tell you what each lesson is and what’s involved:

1. Welcome To The Course
– Introduction Video

2. Top 5 Tips For Beginning Pitching
– Introduction to Pitching: What You Need To Know
– How to Deal With Rejection (Video)
– Confidence Worksheet (Downloadable)

3. Am I Ready To Pitch?
– What to Do to Get Ready to Pitch
– What’s The Deal With Media Kits? (Video)
– Media Kit Worksheet (Downloadable)

4. Who Do I Pitch To? (And How Do I Find Them?)
– Finding Companies to Work With?
– How Do I Find The Right Person to Pitch To? (Video)

5. The Art Of The Pitch
– How to Write a Killer Email
– When to Send an Email Pitch (Video)
– My Successful Pitches (Downloadable)

6. Once You’ve Got A Response
– How to Negotiate and Work With Brand Representatives
– What NOT to Do (Video)

7. Staying Organised When Pitching
– How to Keep Track of Pitches and Brand Information
– The Template I Use to Keep Track of Brands (Downloadable)

8. After All Is Done
– How to  Make a Brand Love You and Stay True to Your Audience
– You Should Always Under Promise and Over Deliver (Video)
– The Ultimate Sponsored Post Checklist

After all of this, you also get access to the facebook group that was originally a closed group for people who did the course but now it’s been opened to anyone who wants to join (that’s here if you were interested).

I would highly recommend this course because it’s super useful, especially if you haven’t got the massive following brands always ask for before they decide to work with you. The price of the course has recently dropped to $47 BUT with the code “20OFF”, you get it for $27! You can get the course here as well as by clicking the links towards the beginning of this post.

If you have any questions before you sign up to the course, please comment below and I’ll help as much as I can!

Thanks for reading, Em xo

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